Fairwork compliance

Fairwork compliance is not a subject to be feared nor avoided. Fairwork compliance provides a legal framework to attract and maintain high performing staff. Look after them, and they will look after you. If you are concerned that you are not complaint, I can help you audit your HR records to identify any inconsistencies, as well as propose solutions to ensure compliancy going forwards.

Some questions to ask Yourself:

* Do you know which employment legislation is applicable to your organisation?

* Are you aware that there are Commonwealth Laws plus local State Laws you need to abide by?

* Do you have policies in places to protect against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment?

* Is your HR strategy aligned with your overall business strategy?

* Does your Management Team have support when it comes to HR Management?

* Are you compliant with the National Employment Standards

* Are you a small business Owner with not enough time on your hands to look after your HR admin?